Substance misuse

Our substance misuse service ensures the transitional support we provide to our clients meets the needs of individuals who have issues with alcohol or substances.

Clients are given personal responsibility for their tenancies and transitional support is provided to maximise the benefits of their future independent accommodation.

We deliver the highest quality accommodation standards, providing safe and secure accommodation that meets individual housing needs.

Clients are treated with dignity, honesty, respect and trust, with opportunities to extend skills, interests and friendships while ensuring they feel empowered and better equipped to manage a home and live independently within their community as a result of receiving support.

Every client has their individual support needs assessed and met in a planned way through direct and indirect support provision ensuring they feel consulted and informed enough to make their own choices.

We encourage all of our clients to participate in community and Involvement & Inclusion activities that are meaningful to health and well-being.

All of our projects have dynamic and robust relationships with local alcohol & drug agencies that deliver services to our clients, and are represented on local stakeholder committees, boards and forums ensuring local knowledge and shared best practice.

Our client’s needs are met through referral to other appropriate agencies and services and ensure that these needs are regularly reviewed and we provide on-going follow up support to all clients after they leave our service.