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Brecon Foyer

Brecon Foyer Brecon Foyer is one among our Brecon projects (Brecon Foyer, Brecon Homeless and Stoneleigh Manor) who have recently been awarded £3,000 from the Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner's Fund to help them start up a community garden project in Brecon. 

The Foyer was jointly nominated to receive the funds which are aimed at helping to enhance the lives of the people supported by the projects. 

The funds are being managed equally by both the staff and clients and are being used to purchase gardening tools, benches and other furniture, wall art, plants and seeds, paint, raised beds and other gardening materials needed to put together a community garden. The aim is for the clients to budget, plan and create a communal space to produce home grown vegetables and get involved in creating recipes and cooking their own produce. If that goes well, the longer term outcome is to hopefully start selling the produce in the local farmer’s market. 



Clarewood Foyer

Clarewood Foyer

Our Clarewood Foyer in Neath can provide up to eight temporary accommodation spaces for homeless or potentially homeless young people.

They work with their clients to help them gain training, education, OCN advice and employment. 






Llety Llanelli Foyer

Lletty Llanelli Foyer

Llety Llanelli Foyer is a supported housing project for 16-24 year olds. There are 12 en-suite bedsit rooms with shared kitchen facilities. Staff are on hand at the scheme 24/7 to support clients with independent living skills. Llety Llanelli Foyer is set apart form generic housing projects as it focuses heavily on young people identifying their goals, talent and aspirations, ensuring they are doing something positive with their time. The project’s ethos is centred around training, education and employment and they have a number of in-house activities and externally funded programmes that aim to engage young people to enable the to develop their communication skills, confidence and self esteem.

Young People reside at Llety Llanelli Foyer for approximately 2 years. When it is identified that a young person is ready to move onto their own independent accommodation, a Move On plan is set in place. The support worker will offer support and guidance to ensure the young person is settled into their new home with the ability to maintain their own tenancy.


Swansea Foyer

Swansea Foyer

Our Swansea Foyer project works with key external service providers to offer diverse opportunities to young people.

Over the last few months, they've worked with Careers Wales, Swansea Drugs Project and EYST to offer weekly surgeries and sessions at their 'Ty Tom Jones' building in Alexander Road, Swansea to ensure that the young people they support have access to professional services within their local and wider community.

Young people from Swansea have been to visit the Ford Factory in Bridgend, Caer Las staff have been running health and wellbeing workshops and EYST staff have provided excellent diversity workshops.  

A group of young people worked with staff and two youth and community students from Trinity University to fundraise, plan, prepare, paint and decorate a communal space. 

For further information about Swansea Foyer, contact 01792 473377. 



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About our Foyers

We currently have 4 Foyers running across south Wales.

The Foyers are based on a concept established by the Foyer Federation to provide affordable and safe accommodation linked to employment and training opportunities for younger people who have faced barriers in their lives. 

The Foyers run mutually agreed, tailor-made programmes which give the young people access to housing, learning, personal development, training and employment opportunities in line with their needs and goals.

The overall mission of the Foyer Fedration is to turn young people's experiences of disadvantage into solutions that support their transition to adult independence.